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Vulva Incense Holder

Vulva Incense Holder

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Meet the Eye of the Vulva, our first collab with Karamics as an ode to the majestic power that lies in every woman. Our incense holders encourage body positivity, sensuality, womanhood, vulnerability, and fruitfulness. We should all be proud and confident in the physical bodies that manage to carry our incredible spirits every day. Each one of us is unique and beautiful, and the Vulva reflects that. Every Vulva is 100% handmade, and as such, each one varies in its own way that speaks to every godly individual. These hand-thrown ceramic incense holders add a modern and chic addition to any room.

Perfect on their own with a carefully drilled hole for incense, they fit elegantly anywhere in the home. They’re stunning standing next to your makeup brushes and eyeshadows, a statement piece on your altar surrounded by crystals, or beautiful in the natural light on your windowsill, between succulents and air plants.

Made to be used with Japanese style incense which is short, usually 6" or less in length. We cast in small batches so each batch may be slightly different in color and texture. 


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