Boss Bruja Affirmations - Minced Milk
Traditional Japanese incense (back)

Boss Bruja Affirmations

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Minced Milk's Boss Bruja Affirmation incense will take you to the most relaxing corners of your mind.

Create the most relaxing atmosphere for meditation, 
refreshment, bathing, brightening your mood, and peace of mind.

The word "Bruja" translates to Witch in Spanish and makes the perfect gift for your favorite TiaPrima, or Comadre. 

    • Box includes 35 incense sticks

    • Does not contain a wooden or bamboo core

    • Keynote:  Jasmine
      The base of this traditional Japanese incense is made from the tree bark of the Tabu-no-ki. 

    • Burn time:  30 minutes

    • Packaging measurements (cm): 16 x 5 x 3cm  

    • Made in Japan 

    • Weight: 0.87 g

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