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Meet the Eye of the Vulva, our first collab with Karamics as an ode to the majestic power that lies in every woman. Our incense holders encourage body positivity, sensuality, womanhood, vulnerability, and fruitfulness.

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Incense Meets Affirmation.

Our Incense Collection is accompanied by affirmation notes and encourage self belief.

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  • Day Ritual

    Ease into your day and feel grounded. Pour yourself a coffee or tea, put on some tunes + light Boss Bruja Affirmations for a fresh start to your day. a

    Start your day 
  • Night Ritual

    Unwind and pamper yourself.
    Shower + change into some comfy clothes - throw on some music and spark up Pussy Power Energy to disconnect from your day.

    Soothe your night 
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Our Boss Wizard of the Month

Words we truly live by.

We envision a life where being bold and having a virtue of self love come seemingly together.