• Box includes 35 incense sticks
  • Does not contain a wooden or bamboo core
  • Base note: Tabu-no-ki
  • Burn time:  approx. 30 minutes
  • Made in Japan
  • Weight: 0.87 g
  • Packaging measurements (cm): 16 x 5 x 3  

How are Minced Milk incense made?
The powder is precisely blended with pure water, quickly shaped, and dried very slowly.

Does your incense contain chemicals?
No. The ingredients are finely ground and carefully mixed with a powdered, natural binding material.

Is your incense vegan friendly?
Of course. All of our products and the ingredients used to make our incense sticks are 100% vegan. 


Inhalation notice
Persons with allergies and/or breathing or lung disorders, conditions, difficulties or illnesses should consult their doctor before using any incense or fragrance product. 

When lighting stick incense, be sure to hold the incense away from your face and hair— Be sure that you are holding the incense over a flame-proof surface, such as a porcelain sink. Hold the incense by the bare end and light the coated end (hold away from face and hair). After igniting, gently blow out the flame. Be sure that no embers fall off the incense onto flammable surfaces or into contact with flammable materials. Be aware that stick incense creates ash which may blow onto surfaces outside the burner.