Intuitive Manifestation - Only Dead Fish Go With The Flow

Intuitive Manifestation - Only Dead Fish Go With The Flow

When we talk about control we often refer to the ability to influence, direct or restrict behavior or course of events. And it is often used with a negative quotation.

The new age movement teaches us to go with the flow, but unfortunately we are not dead fish so we gotta take control. The hype stimulates us to be addicts of so many things that dis-empower us.- We become the stimuli of corporations and we embrace it, not knowing that we are getting further away from OUR calling.

First of all we have to become more conscious about the food we ingest. The purpose of eating is to nourish the body, but do the foods we pick do this? When and why do we eat certain meals? For every taste craving you have there is an emotion associated with it. There is a reason candies are the main focus on Valentine day, it’s because it releases “love”chemicals in the body, which makes you feel happy. Sweets for example are associated with the feeling of not being loved. And crunchy foods are linked to verbosity. That is why we nip our nails or eat chips in certain situations. It would behoove us to recognize the patterns and deal with that emotion instead of ceasing the crave. Allowing yourself to feel a certain emotion helps you expand your emotional vocabulary and makes your emotional muscle stronger. This will favor your empathy.

You Got This Sis!
Our environment is also an essential aspect to bring into consideration when it comes to getting closer to our calling. Individuals or situations you deal with can also produce the same toxins food can produce in your body. YES, it is true a person or situation CAN make you sick. So it is influential to have individuals around you to teach you, support you and elevate you. If you find yourself continuously in the same problematic situations it is time to pull yourself away from that scene and evaluate yourself and what it is that keeps you going back to that. Take control and shift the focus on what you want to accomplish. From that point on, even the activities you do to have fun should have a result that brings you closer to your goal. Furthermore even a misstep should benefit you. That is what we call INTUITIVE MANIFESTATION. 

Doctor Jewel Pookrum:
“Whatever you focus on expand and whatever you appreciate will be multiplied and doubled on to you”- Universal Absolute law

At some point in life we have to take responsibility for our actions by being brutally honest with oneself. YOU are in CONTROL of your mental state, your health and your future. The food we ingest enforces many states of our being and so does our environment. We cannot rely on anyone to but ourselves to want the best for us.

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